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Hear how an end user can move across the modes of collaboration, via voice, video, cloud collaboration voice, video, contact, center, instant messaging and presence, and enterprise social. ...
Length: 3:35

Learn about delivery methods for telephony solutions. Examples include (1) premise-based, (2) cloud collaboration, or (3) hybrid model. ...
Length: 3:25

In Part One of this three-part series, CDW’s Collaboration Solution Architect, Palmer Pierson, shares an overview of the many benefits of the Cisco Business Edition 6000. The all... See more
Length: 1:04

In Part Two of this this three-part series, CDW’s Collaboration Solution Architect, Palmer Pierson, covers the functionality of the Cisco Business Edition 6000. This system&rsqu... See more
Length: 1:12

In Part Three of this three-part series, CDW’s Collaboration Solution Architect, Palmer Pierson, covers the IT benefits of the Cisco Business Edition 6000. This solution offers a... See more
Length: 1:26

Got Ethernet? In today's network environments, more and more users are unplugging from the wired infrastructure and relying on wireless for all their devices – not just smar... See more
Length: 53:18

Find out why it’s important to evaluate the heart of your network infrastructure — the route and switch fabric — to ensure support for upcoming networking projects.
Length: 49:00

Off-site, on-site, work-from-home – employees can work from anywhere. Bring all of the stakeholders together with a Total Collaboration Solution from CDW.
Length: 1:37

Improve efficiency, reduce latency and enhance user experience on both wired and wireless networks with a network optimization solution from CDW.
Length: 1:38

Today’s contact centers have become engagement centers, with the need to engage clients in a multi-channel fashion via IM, chat, social media and/or video, depending on each clie... See more
Length: 61:45

Collaboration is a fundamental business need. CDW can provide you with the tools you need to collaborate using the cloud or on premises.
Length: 1:31

Enterprise networks have evolved rapidly thanks to increasing bandwidth, convergence of wired and wireless solutions, mobility, Cloud and the constantly growing number of devices that ... See more
Length: 55:05

As the strain on your wireless infrastructure continues to grow, CDW can help you improve its performance, thereby improving the productivity of your workforce. The following topics ar... See more
Length: 1:28

In an effort to grow its business after a series of acquisitions, Ohio-based BFG Supply decided to invest in a UC solution that helped the company’s employees improve communications between coworkers and customers.
Length: 2:48

Learn how CDW solved a wireless infrastructure challenge for a growing school district by reviewing current network capabilities, expanding connectivity and putting bandwidth on the fast track. ...
Length: 1:25

Time to Move to Wireless LAN 2.0 With the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, the need for broader coverage combined with the less than optimal service of cellular networks in ma... See more
Length: 60:44

The Right Server for you: Meeting your Needs Now & in the Future In today’s ever changing IT environment, choosing the right server that can meet your needs both today and in... See more
Length: 42:32

Identity Services Helps Solve Big BYOD Issues BYOD is likely the single biggest issue that most IT organizations face. These devices, frequently introduced by end users, create a myria... See more
Length: 58:28

Data Center of the Future What do you do beyond virtualization? Where do you start to prepare your data center of the future? Data center and market experts Howard Weiss and Michael Kr... See more
Length: 62:11

Cloudy Skies Ahead. Prepare with Virtualized Disaster Recovery During this seminar CDW will provide a vendor agnostic approach to virtualized data recovery. CDW, in collaboration with... See more
Length: 58:35

Gordon & Taylor are hitting the road to win new business. Fortunately, they have CDW and Charles Barkley, "the ultimate road warrior" along for the ride.
Length: 1:59

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